Moving home

Moving home is one of the most stressful life-changing events even if you are doing it by hiring a professional moving company. This doesn’t mean that people hate moving to a new place, it’s a start over opportunity to renew your life. But, moving furniture and other home elements into a new place without causing damages or spending a lot of money is the difficult part. In this topic, we are proposing some tips you need to follow for a hassle-free moving. Furthermore, we will tell you how to avoid spending too much money on the moving process and we will mention some of the best moving companies you can trust for an efficient move.

Ideas for hassle-free moving

Moving can take few days and can take a month as well. It depends on the way you prepare for moving. The more efficient your moving process the sooner you get everything done. To have an efficient move, there are few preparation tips you need to follow.




Planning the Move

The moving process passes by three stages, packing stage, transportations stage, and unpacking stage. If you start moving on a rush without planning for what will be done at each stage, you may face a lot of troubles that would delay your move. Setting a plan for packing, transportation, and unpacking will help you to organize your home components, transport them without damages, and place them easily on their planned place at your new home.



Organize your belongings

Organizing your belongings is an essential step before moving. One of the main factors that delays the process is moving randomly. That makes the moving company go to your new home and return back for many times while moving. With proper organizing, you will help the moving company to complete the job at a timely basis.

It is a good idea to label all the boxes so you know what goes where in the new place. It will be of great help once all the boxes are in the new place and a lot easier to move in. 

Be completely packed before moving

Packing is a time consuming process. So, never do it while moving because you will be on a rush and this will not help you to take the right decisions. You should start earlier and pack all your organized belongings before the moving time comes.


Hire expert movers

Moving is not that type of work that could be done by yourself. You may expose precious belongings to the risk of being damaged while moving. So, hiring a professional moving company is the wisest choice. They will bear the burden of moving precious belongings and heavy items making you free of anxiety and stress.

Know where stuff is going to go

Never let the moving company dump all items wherever they want at your new home. They may dump al items in the same spot or in unrelated spots. So, you need to spend little time at your new place telling movers where to dump items. This will help you to organize your belongings at the new home easily and make it ready as soon as possible.


How to avoid spending too much on the move

Moving may be a costly process especially if your budget can’t afford paying a lot of money for a moving company. But, there are some tips you can follow to reduce the cost of moving.

Dispose of unwanted things

Moving companies are usually paid according to the weight of your moved items. So, why to pay extra money on moving unwanted things such as old appliances. While organizing, you should exclude items that won’t be used at your new home. This items could be donated or even sold to make you earn some extra money.


Compare between alternatives

In UK, there are many different moving home companies to consider. So, it’s not awise decision to have a deal with the first one you contact. You should prepare yourself to spend more time before moving comparing prices of different service providers. This will not be difficult because most of these companies could be reached online. Some of them post their rates while others post their calling number.


Don’t spend on boxes

Moving companies take all precautions before moving to make sure that your items will be delivered safely. So, if your items weren’t in boxed, the moving company will move them using their boxed. So, they will ask for extra cost for boxes. You can save a lot of these costs by buying boxes elsewhere and pack items by yourself.


Avoid moving season

Most people choose to move in summer. So, there is a greater demand on moving service from its providers. This make it difficult to negotiate a lower price. But, in off-season, moving companies look for people who want a moving home service, they even provide encouraging deals for lower prices and they are more prepared to negotiate.


Moving home best providers

Reputation is the first thing to consider before selecting a moving company even before considering removal costs. You should read online reviews of different moving companies to come up with the best providers. Then, you can negotiate with your choses providers to get the lowest possible removal cost. Here are four of the most reputed moving companies in UK.


Apex Removals

Apex is one of the best moving companies in UK. It’s located in London but it provides stress free moving services all over UK. These services include packing, storage, home removal, office removal, and European removal. While other companies ask for higher prices for weekend moving, Apex rates are the same for all week days. Apex customer service is one of the best in UK, you are always welcome to contact them for more instructions.



Friendly Movers

Friendly movers has been in the moving industry for about five years. Since then, it has established a reputed name all over the UK. There are a lot of moving services provided by friendly movers such as office removal, home removal, piano moving, and packing service. It also provides other services such as furniture re assembling, installing machines, and installing equipment. There is no single rate offered by friendly movers, it offers different removal packages for customers to select between.



Home 2 Home

Home 2 home moving company exists in the market since 2006. All of this time in the market has helped the company to establish its name as one of the most reliable companies in UK. It provides a variety of services related to packing, transporting, and unpacking. These services include piano removal, delivery services, residential removal, long distance removal, European removal, and heavy duty removal.



Kings Removals

Kings removals is one of the best removal companies in UK, it is more specialized at house removal and house clearance. Removal cost at Kings Removals is one of the lowest between all other competitors. What is different here and more encouraging is the different sizes of containers that are available to meet any removal needs. So, regardless what you would like to move, you can do it through Kings Removals in a timely basis. The available services here include packing boxes, house removal, house clearance, office removal, piano removal, and furniture assembly.

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