A buyer’s guide to SIM Only

Sim only deals are growing in popularity as people look towards more flexibility with the way that they operate their phones. Today, sim and handset contracts are generally 24 months at least, which some people simply find too long a period to be tied into what can be a relatively significant monthly cost.

Types of sim only deals

Sim only contracts

Sim only contracts are where you are provided with a sim, but not a handset. However they aren’t subject to the length of time that sim and handset contracts are(which can be between 12 and 24 months). Generally, sim only contracts last for between 1 and 3 months, and most require only a 30 day notice period if you want to end the contract.

Sim only pay as you go

Choosing sim only pay as you go deals have one benefit over rolling sim only contracts, and that is that you’re not tied in for any amount of time. Whilst this may suit some, for others the compromise on lost minutes or data allowance isn’t worth the value of not being tied down for what can be as little as a month.

The benefits of sim only deals

The good news is that sim only plans are available to owners of all kinds of mobile phones, so they are particularly popular with people who have come to the end of a contract who don’t wish to change to another handset. Whether you have an iPhone, BlackBerry or an Android smartphone, you can find a sim to suit (e.g. sim only deals come in either standardsim size, or nano sims that smartphones require).

An additional benefit of sim only deals is that there is no credit check, so for those that have bad credit, they needn’t worry about the embarrassment of getting turned down for a contract.

Sim only contract providers


Three Mobile have recently altered their sim only deals, and today are more competitive than ever. All their sims are now 5G ready. 

Three's pay monthly sim only deals start from £5 per month and include unlimited UK minutes and texts +1 GB data on a 12 or 24 month contract. Our most recommended plan is for £19 per month with unlimited minutes, texts and data on a 12 month contract.

Three's pay as you sim deals let's you choose the amount you want to top up and offer many extras for the different top up amounts.


GiffGaff offer one of the widest range of sim only deals, and currently have 6 offers that range from £6 per month, to £35 per month. At the cheapest end of their deals is unlimited UK calls and texts + 500 MB worth of internet browsing; at the top end of their deals and they offer unlimited UK calls, texts and data.

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