Buyer's Guide to TV Packages: Find Your TV Package & Enjoy

You are a TV freak and are freaking out over exorbitant prices? This can only happen if you have afforded to remain with your existing plan for way too long stay and, what is worse, you have kept yourself under-informed about the going promotions.

To help you bridge the information gap and flatter your monthly budget with some savings, please read below.

Be clear what you want

It is important that you know what you want from the very start. Do you want the TV package bundled with broadband and a phone line or with either? Or yet you want to pair it with a new TV set or a VHD box? Do you want to have extras such as on-demand access to catch up with news or films at a later time? As soon as you have the answers to these questions you are set for the quest for the fairest fee on the market.

Compare and contrast

Even if you are still undecided about your desires, comparison websites such as uSwitch can help you crystallise them. How? By comparing for you the going TV package promotions. You will see the monthly fees for the standard pack, the ones with premium film channels or sports fixtures in or with none at all, with cable broadband included or without. See the list with all the details and take your informed decision.

The props for your area

Before doing so, however, please take the time and refine your search to the packages available in your area. No matter how enticing a pack can be, if it is on offer in the adjacent region but not yours, to enjoy it you might end up switching not only your plan but your home as well.

Even the best promotions end at some point

The cheapest fee is not always the cheapest overall. Check the rate after the promotional period and the length of the subscription period. The inexpensive offer might bind you for a longer than the standard term and this might cut off your options for long.

Find the right TV provider

BT gives you an unprecedented quality set top box YouView. With Talktalk you get the same set top box YouView and are hardly to ever feel trapped because you are constantly tempted to go for an upgrade. By means a set top box, you can run the TV show by choosing what to watch and when. The on-demand/catch-up principle is one you should definitely check out.

With Sky you can enjoy the full suite proprietary TV pack of the eponymous media giant. See the rates and opt for movies, shows, sports, entertainment and extras in one.

One of the best deals for TV packages currently on the market at the moment is with Virgin Media. They offer 112+ channels with broadband and phone at just £33 per month. No extra costs to get the deal or anything - a true gem deal!

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