Over 50s car insurance

As retirement draws closer, together with the imperative to tighten the purse strings and save as many pennies as you can, large expenses such as car insurance can't be taken lightly. That means older drivers - particularly those over the age of 50 - should be cautious about automatically renewing their existing premiums without taking the time to look elsewhere. It really does pay to shop around as much as you can, and to help you get started, we've put together a handy guide on car insurance for older drivers.

Experience is ALWAYS a plus

It goes without saying that older drivers are generally more experienced behind the wheel, and are therefore obviously less prone to bumps and skirmishes. This is particularly true of drivers between 50 and 65, which is statistically the least likely age you'll be involved in a collision (with some variance between the genders).

If you're older than 65 you may find insurance companies begin to doubt your ability, and that means you might have to undergo theory tests from time to time to ensure your confidence behind the wheel has remained intact. In general, you have nothing to worry about so long as there are no obvious medical conditions in the way.

Using leverage

It's a cliche, but older people tend to spend more time indoors and that means less time on the road and a lower chance of being involved in a collision.

You should try to use this to your favour in negotiating your premium by emphasising the fact you're only going to be using your car for routine trips on roads you are familiar with. There are obvious differences in risk between driving from home to work than making large cross country journeys.

Unless you live in a high crime neighbourhood, your car will generally be out of harm's way when it's safely parked outside the house - and companies need to know that.

If you have the opportunity always pay for your car insurance upfront you will be able to save 30% on the total cost of your policy than if you choose to pay monthly. To reduce the cost you may increase the security of your car. 

The bad news

On the downside, car insurance for all drivers is going up in 2021. This will mainly be felt by young drivers or those without a squeaky clean track record, but it's something to bear in mind as you consider your options.

The reason for the increase is twofold: increased taxation is a big factor, and there's also the big fear insurance companies have of being out-foxed by false or exaggerated personal injury claims.

Best providers

The handy thing about insurance packages which specifically target older customers is that you won't have to bear excessive standing charges aimed at covering reckless young drivers.

Many of these providers also offer home and travel insurance a well, which means you can find a company you trust and use them to cover all bases - that way you won't have to put up with any shoddy customer service.

50 Plus

- Comprehensive breakdown cover.

- Permits you up to 60 days driving abroad.

- Up to £100,00 cover.

Age UK

- Covers drivers of up to 90-years-old.

- Comprehensive customer service including 24 hour phone support.

- Courtesy car offered for up to 14 days in the event of an accident.

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