Gain your Independence with Driving Lessons this summer

Whether you’re a 17 year old learning to drive or an adult learner who is trying out driving lessons for the first time, driving lessons are a great way to gain your independence! Take a few moments to read our handy guide to driving lessons to see whether you could learn something new and make some savings.

Just a Few Driving Lessons

Depending on your current experience, you could need just a few driving lessons before you sit your test. If you’re a complete beginner, you should try to book a driving lesson at least once a week to ensure you improve. Whilst there is no minimum number of driving lessons you need before you’re ready to sit your driving test, expect to have around 30-50 hours of driving lessons on average to get up to speed.

Theory Test

You’ll need to pass your practical driving test before you gain your driving licence, but before you can sit your practical, you’ll need to pass your theory driving test, which is a series of multiple choice questions about road safety and the highway code.

Opening up the World

Learning to drive will open up the world and give you more independence. It’s important to find a qualified and experienced instructor for your driving lessons. With so many driving schools popping up across the country, how do you find the best deal for your money and the best instructor?

You need to find somebody who is a qualified approved driving instructor (ADI) or a trainee driving instructor – these are the only people qualified to teach and charge for driving lessons. Of course you could learn with your provisional licence and a friend or family member over the age of 21 (who has been driving for 3 years or more), but it’s less stressful for everyone concerned if you learn with a qualified instructor!

How Much Will it Cost?

Driving schools such as BSM and the AA usually offer discounts when you book a block of driving lessons, but it is also possible to book driving lessons singly if you’re not sure how many you can afford. Expect to pay anywhere from £8.75 an hour to £25 an hour depending on where in the country you live and which driving school you choose. Cheaper prices are often available if you opt for a self-employed instructor who runs their own driver training business, rather than one of the larger driving schools such as BSM.

Before booking driving course make your own research for reputable and rated driving school near you or such offering intensive course, as they are more experienced and you will get your license shortly. Mind that the average driving hours needed to pass the test are 47.

Driving lessons are a great investment for your future, whether you’re learning for work or just to have some more freedom and independence.

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