Enjoy Freedom with Disposable Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, you’ll know just what a pain monthly disposable lenses can be. Taking out your lenses and cleaning them every night, filling your lens case with solution and repeating the process every morning can be time consuming, and travelling with bottles of solution is a hassle you could do without!

Why not consider daily disposable contact lenses?

Take a few moments to read our handy guide to daily disposable contact lenses and see if they could be the right choice for you.

How they Work

Daily disposable contact lenses can be worn for the day and then thrown away. This has a number of benefits for the wearer. Not only are bulky bottles of contact lens solution a thing of the past, but you won’t even need to bother with a leaky lens case!

You’ll wake up every morning to a fresh new pair of contact lenses that can be inserted straight into your eye, which means you’ll benefit from clearer vision, as your lenses won’t pick up deposits.

Disposable contact lenses are designed thinner than other lenses and normally you should wear them for 14- to 16 hours a day, though there are some models which can be worn overnight, but it is recommended to have a consultation and prescription from your optician for that. You should not reuse daily contact lenses as they may cause serious infection and injury to your eyes. 

With so many great deals available from opticians online, you’ll find that daily disposables could cost the same as or even less than your traditional monthly disposable contact lenses!

Travelling with Daily Disposables

Since the rules about taking liquids on board planes have come into force, travelling with contact lens solution in your hand luggage can be a pain – you need to decant the solution into small 50ml bottles that are approved for travel, carrying your main bottles of solution in your suitcase.

With daily disposable contact lenses, you just need to throw your packets of lenses in your handbag and you’re ready to go!

Daily disposables are also great for anyone who doesn’t wear their lenses every day, as you can alternate wearing them with wearing your glasses, giving your eyes a much needed rest. Those who experience dry eyes will also enjoy the sensation of wearing dailies, as you can take out your current pair and put in a new pair whenever you like!

By purchasing your daily disposable contact lenses online, you’ll be able to make great savings compared to paying for a monthly direct debit with your local optician – but it’s still important to have regular eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy and happy wearing your new lenses. You’ll enjoy the freedom of being able to take your lenses with you without worrying about bulky bottles of solution and leaking lens cases!