Get Connected with the Latest Broadband Dongle Deals

If you need to stay connected on the go, whether it be for work or play, you can’t afford to be without one of the latest broadband dongles. Broadband dongles have come a long way since they were first introduced, and with faster speeds and more reliable connectivity than ever before, investing in an internet dongle is the best way to ensure that you have internet available at all times. Take a few minutes to read our handy guide to broadband dongles and see whether they could be right for you.

Why You Need a Dongle

If you need to use internet on the go, on a tablet, netbook or laptop, a broadband dongle is a great option compared to the high costs of using 3G or 4G. More and more people are choosing dongles as their internet providers as a way of gaining convenience and internet browsing on the go. With the market becoming ever more crowded with providers jostling for your attention, there are more and more reasons to switch from broadband to an internet dongle.

How to Choose the Best Deal

When it comes to internet sticks, there are so many deals available to choose from, that it can seem baffling. It’s important to consider the following options when shopping for a mobile broadband device:

• Speed

Generally providers will state a specific MB speed average, however this will always vary depending on the time of day that your online, and whether or not this is a peak time (such as early evening, when many people return from work).

• Download limits

Different providers offer varying packages, so where one may offer an unlimited data usage, another may put a monthly limit on how much you can download. This difference between charging for either data or unlimited monthly use is important, and you should think carefully about how heavy an internet user you are.

• Monthly cost

Many of the leading mobile phone service providers offer mobile broadband dongle deals at competitive rates. Generally you can expect to pay anything from around £10 per month.

• Length of contract

Lengths of contract will vary from provider to provider; whilst some run on a monthly rolling basis (where you pay via direct debit) there are plenty of dongles that are pay as you go, which will run on a top up basis.

• Reliability of provider

You should check coverage in your area on the provider’s website prior to making any purchase.

Sometimes it can be cheaper to take a broadband dongle with your existing mobile phone provider – many companies offer discount to existing customers so you could save even more money.

Compare your Options

By using a comparison site you can easily see which broadband dongle will be best suited for your needs. If you do a lot of downloading whilst on the go, then one with a high download cap is best (this is usually around 15GB). For those who are using their dongle to check emails, browse the web or communicate with colleagues and clients for work, speed might be more important, so choose the dongle package which offers the highest speed. Always make sure that you check how long the contract will tie you in for, as contract lengths range from 12 to 24 months!

You also have the option of buying a pay as you go dongle, which are generally priced around £30, and provide 3 months worth of internet access. Whilst these types of dongles do states "unlimited data usage", they are subject to fair usage policies, which means that if they deem your data usage to be particularly high, they may restrict your ability to download files until the next month’s allowance rolls around.

A popular alternative of the broadband dongle is the MiFi device which works as a router and allows you to connect several devices to it at the same time using the 4G or 5G network. And though these device have strong connection and good speed, they are a bit more expensive compared to the dongles plans.

In today’s world where we are always on the go, you can’t afford to be without a broadband dongle for reliable, fast and affordable internet on the move. Choosing a broadband dongle is easy as long as you follow our tips for choosing the best deal and remember to compare all the available options to ensure you get the best value for your money!

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