Buyer’s Review: Farewell to Diet Woes with Gastric Band Surgery

Are you among those millions of people whose life can be recounted with the end of a diet and the start of another, with no tangible effect whatsoever? Or you keep being beaten by the hunger monster that your appetite has become, making the mirror and the scales the things you dread the most at your house?

If yes, then it is time to see a specialist and try the options you can use with his/her help.

Gastric band surgery is among the most successful types of surgery aimed at fighting obesity. Within two years, you are expected to lose 50 to 60 per cent of your excess weight, according to the British Obesity Surgery Patient Association (BOSPA). Familiarise with its essentials and if it is good for you, reach out for the phone and go for the details.

Gastric band surgery is advised for people with BMI over 40. If your BMI is 35-39 and with specific health issues such as diabetes type 2, sleep apnea or high blood pressure then you may be recommended to undergo such surgery again. 

How does it work?

Gastric band is a silicone ring which will be placed in the upper part of your stomach. Above the band, there will be a pouch capable of keeping only a small amount of food. The moment it goes full, it will send signals to your brain that you are full. From the pouch, the food passes through a channel to the main stomach at a speed the channel's diameter permits.

This means that for the person that has undergone gastric bypass surgery; they will become fuller, quicker, and will stay fuller for longer. The effect of gastric bypass surgery can, and often are astonishing. With people losing stones worth of weight within the first month. Whilst the initial pace of weight loss does slow, it continues until the person has reached an optimum weight at which their weight will plateau.

Reversible and adjustable

For those of you afraid of having a foreign body inside yours or you doubt it lives up to the results you've been promised, you should not worry. The procedure is reversible. The gastric band can be taken out at any time. If you can sense the effect but you want it to be even more dramatic, then ask for adjustments.

Free consultation, flexible payment

Generally, the clinics offering the procedure will offer you free consultation where you will be able to ensure you have the full picture before saying a final "yes." Furthermore realising that surgery is a costly thing, gastric band experts can agree with you an affordable payment plan which will generally entail payment in monthly instalments.

For this financing, consumers have an ever growing range of options available to them. There are a variety of companies that offer loans specifically for cosmetic purposes, and shopping around can save consumers a small fortune. Generally however, medical establishments do advise that bank loans may not be suitable. This is because a bank views cosmetic surgery as an unsecured loan; if compared to a car loan, where they could, in effect, repossess the car should payments go awry, they can’t repossess a cosmetical procedure.

Ready to see the offers?

Choosing a medical company to undertake your gastric band is a big choice, and one that needs to be taken with care. Our website will always keep up to date with the most reputable companies and the best offers.

You should additionally undertake thorough research on the companies you are considering. Check consumer websites and testimonials from real people who have undergone procedures at the establishment. You may also wish to bear in mind that many medical establishment specialise in specific procedures, so viewing those that deal mostly (or solely) with gastric bands may be beneficial.

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