The steps for peace-of-mind and court-approved paternity testing

Paternity testing is always emotionally delicate and often times nerve-racking and the least you would want in this situation would be a cumbersome process leading toward the ultimate result. A procedure as simple as one-two-three is just what you need in this case and a number of websites have, accordingly, tried to create it.

Step one

The usual first step you would need is to find out who will be involved in DNA testing. Would it be just a father and a child, one father and two and more children or one child and two or more children. Paternity testing can also go alongside with testing of the mother. In this very case, you will be 100% certain (and not 99% as in the child-father variant) of the paternity testing results.

The most important point is that the person whose DNA is to be tested to permit the test. If it's not willingly, then this matter must be taken to the court first and then the court will decide should the person in question carry out such a test. 

Step two

With or without mother testing, you do need her consent for the DNA testing of her child(ren). This would be the natural step two. Do try to follow the procedure to avoid any legal altercations related to infringement into one's privacy.

Step three

A third step would be to verify the legality of the DNA testing provider you would be using. If you are to put up the DNA test results before the court, the authenticity of the DNA tester is simply crucial.

Pricing considerations

And, of course, a final step toward performing your DNA testing procedure would be to pay. Prices hover between £88 and £467, depending on the number of people to be tested. The cheapest and most frequent combination, i.e. 1 child + 1 father, hover between £88 and £145. The highest price mentioned above is on offer for the "full suite", i.e. mother, father and two children.

International Biosciences offers both voluntary (peace of mind) and court-approved DNA paternity testing. The latter entails a more intricate procedure so do make sure that you get familiar with it before setting out to action.

With That DNA Company, you have excellent pricing and a procedure which will bring the procedure to your home. This means that you can have your testing kit posted by mail and then returned the same way to a DNA testing laboratory.

With dadcheck®silver, you can have not only paternity testing but also grandparentage, avuncular and sibling testings to ensure kinship of all possible kinds. This provider has a full-confidentiality promise and needs 5 days to conduct the DNA test (from receipt of the sample).

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