Buyer's Review: How to Stop smoking

There are few adult people on this Earth who have never smoked a cigarette. And by extension, most of us have tried to quit smoking at one point of our lifetime or another. Many individuals have rolled their sleeves to devise ways to aid people in their bid to do away with an addiction.

In this guide, you will find just a few of them. Coupled up with your resolute decision to quit, they will almost certainly and effectively send you to the squad of ex-smokers.


A well-known problem with smokers is that they become fidgety, that including a feeling of not knowing what to do with their hands. Some providers have created mobile applications, especially catering to quitters. The moment they get the physical itch to get a ciggie in their hand, the app comes in with a game involving both of them.

Cost/budget calculator

A good way to fathom how much money trickles between your fingers to satisfy your smoking habit is to use the cost/budget calculator. By entering the price of your pack of cigarettes and the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, you will get the money you spend on cigarettes per month.

Professional advice

Talking to a professional who will identify precisely the root cause of your habit might help you attack the problem at its root. An adviser might refer you to an ex-smoker or a group of ex-smokers with a background identical to yours who could share his/her or their experience and ease you in your battle for an addiction-free life.

Quit-smoking reading

Extensive reading on ways to stop smoking can help you consciously adopt the right mindset. After all, the smoking yearning is all in the mind. Reading about the reasons that make you a vulnerable victim to the smoking habit, the methods stifling the craving and the benefits you get from becoming an ex-smoker all have their say in navigating you to the desired result.


There are some tips from us that may help you get the right plan for your stop smoking initiative:

- Make a plan - set a date, stick to it. 

- Be positive - think of the health benefits that quitting smoking will bring to you and be positive that you are doing this for yourself and you can do it.

- Change your habits - if you have the habbit to smoke after dinner, then make a new habit - make yourself tea or enjoy another activity. 

- Meet with non-smoking friends until you consider yourself quit. 

Solutions you can find online

Nicorette, the generally acclaimed anti-smoking specialist has the apps, gums, inhalators, sprays and patches whose proven effect helps the process run as easily as possible.

With Smokefree, you obtain a full anti-smoking kit spanning from ways through advice to tools to quit smoking, all designed to intensify your resolve to end that vicious practice for good.

At Easy Quit Secret, you can set yourself to a reading mode. In these easy-to-read and smoker-friendly writings, you will find the support a person in your condition needs.

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