Find the Best Broadband Deal – No Phone Line Required

Whilst many providers offering high speed broadband insisted that you should take a phone line with them too, nowadays there are broadband deals available where no phone line is needed. In today’s world, we all use our house phones less than we used to, and most of us have mobile phones, so may not even need a land line. By taking a broadband deal with no phone line, you could save money! Take a few minutes to read our handy guide to broadband with no phone line and see if this product is right for you.

Which Companies Offer Broadband with no Phone Line?

It’s generally mobile phone companies who offer broadband with no phone line, although since Virgin Media who introduced stand-alone fast fibre optic broadband, where you don’t need to take out line rental with them, broadband without a phone line is currently offered by major network providers, and prices vary depending on which provider you choose.

It is worth taking a look at bundle deals as the prices for a package of TV, Broadband and phone can be considerably lower and in a long term make huge savings. 

If you do not need all these extras, then a broadband dongle will be a good solution for you. The prices also vary based on the plan, the length of the contract, or if you prefer you may get a prepaid or PAYG broadband dongle. 

Why Choose Broadband with no Phone Line?

Many of us have no need for a house phone – we use our mobiles to contact friends and family, and the house phone sits there month after month whilst you pay expensive line rental for the privilege. If you don’t need a land line, there is no point in paying for one, so get rid of the phone line and opt for broadband as a standalone option. Prices can vary but start at as low as £7.50 a month, so you could make significant savings when you consider that most companies charge between £11 and £17 a month for line rental alone, with broadband prices on top.

How to Choose the Best Deal

When shopping for broadband with no phone line, use the comparison websites to compare deals. You should consider the following factors:

• Length of contract

• Monthly cost

• Download limit

• Speed

• Any extras available, such as digital TV

For those who use the internet to download films and music or watch a lot of streaming media, a broadband deal with a higher download cap is essential. If you mostly use the internet for looking at web pages or reading emails, you can get away with a lower download cap. Choosing the highest speed possible may cost you more, but means you will spend less time waiting around for web pages to load and streaming media to play.

Always check the length of the contract before signing up – these can vary from 12 months to 24 months depending on the provider.

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