Adidas; a world of classic footwear

A quick poll: who here has never owned a pair of Adidas trainers? A few? Who here has never known anyone to own a pair? I bet that answer is much closer to ‘none’. Whilst they have had some misses (think of the ‘shackle’ trainer that was withdrawn), Adidas is a world renowned brand, home to some of the coolest trainers that have graced our pavements, basketball courts, football pitches, football terraces and running tracks.

The name Adidas only came about due to a family split. Rudolf and Adolf Dassler owned the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Rudolf left to create Puma and Adolf (Adi) Dassler created Adidas.

Full disclosure!

I am a big fan of Adidas, my first pair that I remember owning was a pair of ‘Long Beach’, this was back in the early to mid-eighties, the trainers resembling more of a boat than anything else, as was the fashion. Quite laughable now, but at that time, they were THE coolest thing that I’d ever owned.

Obviously, I like to think back to those days and realise that I was the forerunner to Becks, I had them on my feet way before him.

David Beckham isn’t the only superstar footballer to wear Adidas. In their adverts trough the years Becks, Zinedine Zidane, Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura all have been advertising their product. Quite impressive.

A huge range

Whether you are looking for a shoe for the beach, the basketball court, golf course, running track or just the long trip to the ‘local’, Adidas is sure to have something that will compete at the highest level of sports or the longest journey home after a night out.

No matter what size your feet, you are sure to find a pair that fit and fit comfortably. Their range is complete and has trainers in lots of colours for women, men and kids/children from all ages. 

German engineering

We all know that Germany produce some of the greatest engineered products currently available, from cars to kitchen gadgets, this also includes footwear. Adidas have produced trainers in Germany since the company creation in 1948. Vorsprung Durch Technik indeed!


Hipsters take note! Whether you are a trend setter or just like to be different, you can also own a unique pair of Adidas trainers. Made just for you, in colours of your choice in the style that you want, as far as we know, Adidas are unique in offering this service.

The ordering process seems to be quite simple, and a relatively quick turnaround once ordered, delivery is estimated between four to six weeks.

I think it’s fair to say that when the time comes, I know where I will be looking for my next pair of trainers, although it must be said that I’m not so much a hipster, more ‘hip replacement’!

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