Choosing your Bridesmaid dresses – A handy guide

You have met the man of your dreams, found the ideal venue and set the date. Obviously, there is no need to mention picking out your wedding dress; you’ve known the style & design you want since being a teenager, that’s the easy bit!

What about your bridesmaids though?

Will there be one Maid of Honour or a whole gaggle of friends clamouring to be a bridesmaid?

Numbers normally dictate whether you buy the dresses or whether the bridesmaids buy their own, there is no etiquette, no rules.

Designer or High Street?

Whether you’re looking more to Jasper Conran or Jasper Carrott, there is a style for every budget, a design for every theme and a cut for every figure.

Be sure to get approval from your closest friends though, there is very little that spoils a wedding quite like the bridesmaids all muttering under their breath about the ‘hideous tent’ that they’ve been made to wear. We don’t all have the good fortune to be Gok Wan, listen to your friends and heed their advice.

Big fat gypsy wedding or classical theme?

For some, the love of bling will far outweigh any notion of restraint, think of Katie Price in her pink carriage! Whilst a fairy tale wedding is something that many girls dream of, a hint of subtlety can do wonders.

The bridesmaids won’t thank you for being made to dress up in a feather tutu, tan supplied courtesy of Tango or shoes that wouldn’t look out of lace at a circus.

Classical Beauty;

We think there is nothing better than a classically cut, elegant dress; the bridesmaids will feel beautiful, they will light up the photos and their beauty will shine through. Although of course, they won’t outshine the blushing bride.

Dressing the children;

We love seeing the younger members of the bridesmaids dressed in contrasting colours, it goes without saying that they should still fit the theme, but something that makes them stand out a little more, giving them just a tiniest piece of limelight, a memory that they will have forever.

Fashion versus Design;

Just remember that no matter how ‘on trend’ something is, in 10, 15, 20 years or more, you are going to want to relive that wonderful day. A classic dress for you and your bridesmaids won’t give you that ‘oh my lord, what were we wearing?’ feeling.

Final thoughts;

Whatever you choose for your bridesmaids, you are all going to have a wonderful day.A stunningly designed theme and co-ordinated bridesmaids (and let’s not forget the other half’s entourage) will ensure that the pictures of your happy day will actually look happy, stylish and just as importantly, well thought out!