Why Converse shoes are an urban must have

Converse started out as rather a niche brand;they were seen as a make for the skaters and urban sports community. However they’ve grown into a mainstream brand that adorns the feet of the fashionable and the skater alike. In this guide we’ll talk you through everything that makes Converse an urban must have, and just how they transitioned from niche to mass market.

The humble beginnings of Converse shoes

Converse shoes actually started out as the Converse Rubber Shoe Company all the way back in 1908. Some hundred years later and they’re a company that produces shoes that are on practically everyone’s Christmas list.

After 40 years in the business they became the official shoe of the Basketball Association of America, this was to prove a major marketing breakthrough for the company who gained consistent advertising across the USA. The effect of this is demonstrated by a surge in sales that came about simply because a player scored 100 points during a basket ball game. This performance by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 was possibly the event that immortalised Converse shoes in history.

A celebrity following

The surge in their popularity has grown over the past ten years. Helped not least by the various celebs that have been seen sporting Converse trainers. Celebs such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Brooklyn Beckham, Rita Ora and Ashley Benson have all been seen wearing the latest range of sneakers and with each sighting that is photographed by paparazzi the sales of Converse shoes have become so trendy.

The Converse shoe range of today

The Converse range of today incorporates three collections: the all star range, Converse cons and Converse by Jack Purcell.

The Converse All Star Range

The Converse All Star Range is representative of the original Converse Shoes and they remain, in essence, pretty much unchanged. However hidden amongst the Old School designs are modern takes on a popular classic. Converse use brightly coloured fabrics, unusual materials and a slightly different shape in some of their All Star designs.

Converse Run Star Hike

The Converse Cons range features heavily the use of the ankle boot design; these have been adapted from the typical fabric range of yester year with absolutely new chunky sole and rounded heal. In addition to their futuristic look they will make you a bit taller.

Converse by Jack Purcell

The range by designer Jack Purcell has really taken the range of Converse trainers to the next level. The designs in this collection demonstrate sophistication with a twist of on trend; they strike the right balance between discreet and eye catching.

Converse shoes find themselves a long way away from the shoes of 1908; they have evolved, adapted and innovated to become a main stream trainer of the most fashionable celebrities on the planet.

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