The ever increasing popularity of crocs

For the few who may not know what Crocs are or what they look like, they are the rubberized shoe that has taken the UK market by storm. Because of their practicality and comfort levels they can be seen in hospitals up and down the country, in addition to adorning the feet of those that value both comfort and fashion.

Where did they come from?

It may be surprising to many that the company that produces crocs has now been around for a decade! Although it seems like only yesterday that Crocs made it onto the UK fashion scenes, their decade in the industry has seen them grow from a one man band to an international company. They now offer a staggering range of over 300 styles in an amazing array of colour combinations.

Crocs are known for their use of a clever material known as Croslite, which is an extremely light, odour resistant material that offers both support and comfort in equal measures. The trademark holes in the rubberised material allow the users feet to remain aired all day long.

Today their range includes shoes such as sandals, boots and even heels. The Croc brand popularity can also be seen through the amount of sales they total to date. These figures entail over 150 million sales in over 90 countries across the world.

Crocs are good for your feet!

For adults: The variety of crocs include shoes for sports, walking, leaisure and even smart versions. You may hear your podiatrist recommending them to you. There is an orthopedic range which is worth looking at if you suffer from problems with your joints.

For kids: Crocs are not running shoes so there are some kids activities they won't be comfortable for. Your kids can still benefit from the antimicrobial environment and reduce the number of foot infections. Another good reason to buy a pair for your kid is - they love them. Easy to put on and off, they save valuable time for mums and dads.

The ever increasing range of crocs

Crocs are known as being extremely affordable, and range from anywhere around £20. Due to the huge increase in sales, the Crocs Company now produce the shoes in a wide range of colours and styles - sandals, boots, sneakers and slippers. From outlandish leopard skin print, to those that are more suited to men, the range of Crocs grows month on month. Additionally they offer a range aimed solely at children. This collection sees the employment of bright colours and interesting patterns and even features a ‘sprung sports croc’ for those children who are extra active in their day to day activities. They ranges from £10, and separate their sizing by having one size for children (aged 1-6) and another for juniors (aged 7+).

The future of Crocs looks set to continue in their advancement into other areas. They themselves state that Crocs technology can be employed in such a wide ranging amount of foot wear that the possibilities are endless. Certainly they now have a loyal customer base that may support them in their efforts for industry domination. There is one thing certain about Crocs, and that is that there are here to stay. Not only that but they look set to continue to rise in popularity, as people increasingly realise their practicality in addition to being a fashion item.

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