A buyer’s guide to Birkenstock sandals

With summer approaching it’s once again time to get those shorts and sandals out. If you’re a Birkenstock sandal fan then you’ll be used to how incredibly comfortable they are. Birkenstock sandals are also very good quality and can last throughout the years, however there are forgeries out there and this guide we help you make a saving on Birkenstock sandals that are authentic.

The range of Birkenstock sandals

Today the range of Birkenstock sandals is wider and more varied than ever. There are over 50 differing sandals in their ranges, from Vegan sandals to colourful kid’s shoes, so comfort is no longer just for dad and everyone can enjoy the Birkenstock sandal collection.

Getting a good deal on Birkenstock sandals

Shopping online versus shopping in store

If you’re unsure as to whether you should be shopping online or in store then you should consider the savings to be made by shopping online. Physical retail outlets inevitably have higher overheads and in store staff to pay, so you should consider using a store to get a precise idea of your size, and then use the internet to make a saving.

Using Google shop

Google is a great tool that can help you save plenty of money on all sorts of items, Birkenstock sandals included. A lesser known feature is the ‘Shopping’ tab; click this button and you’ll be shown a full list of Birkenstock sandals from retailers around the world. Here you can then compare prices side by side (just bear in mind that many won’t display their associated delivery charges, which will only come up on the respective website’s checkout).

Factors to remember when buying online

Don’t fall for forgeries

Whilst you can see and feel the quality of items when shopping online there are steps you can take if you’re looking to avoid this situation. First and foremost you may want to check the official Birkenstock website to remind yourself of exactly how these shoes should be shaped. Then you should check out the reputation of the company/website that you’re looking to buy from. There are plenty of consumer review websites out there with real world customer opinions so see if the website you’re looking to buy from features on any of them. Lastly you should inspect the item once it arrives. You’re looking for authentic leather (which can be inspected by smell), good, strong stitching and well formed soles. If you suspect that your Birkenstock sandals may be forgeries then get in touch initially with the supplier and if they refuse to take the item back then contact trading standards.

Thinking about delivery charges

It’s highly advisable that before browsing a website you check how much the delivery charges are. All too often people can spend an hour choosing their shoes or items, only to reach checkout to see what can be fairly extortionate charges.

And finally if you find their price is too high for simple shoes, we must say their quality is very good to last for longer time, and be sure they are very comfy with orthopaedic insole and cushioning for your feet. 

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