Designer Handbags: Some Useful Information

Designer handbags can be purchased almost anywhere today, but it can be extremely difficult to identify the genuine designer handbags from the cheap replicas. However there are certain steps you can take to ensure that the designer handbags you’re looking at are authentic, and worth the associated price tag (which can run into the hundreds, if not the thousands). In this guide we look at what these are, and how you can save yourself from an expensive mistake. So whether you’re looking for your very own Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Prada, Coach, Hermes, Radley, Chloe or Dolce & Gabbana handbag, these steps will help ensure you’re buying the genuine article.

How to tell a genuine designer handbag from a replica

The following steps are taken when you are able to inspect the bag prior to purchase. For those that are purchasing online, take a look down the page where we have some advice in what can be a more difficult situation.

Material quality

First and foremost you should inspect the material, if it’s leather (which it often will be), it should be soft and smell like leather. Replicas are generally made fro plastic, and so they will appear stiffer than genuine leather bags.


The zippers on designer handbags should be of a good quality, you should be able to judge this by zipping and unzipping the bag. Lastly the zippers should, more often than not, have the logo imprinted on them; this should be a clear and defined logo, with no noticeable bleeds or irregularities.

The stitching should also feel secure.

The lining of the bag

When you look at the lining of the bag, it should be smooth, of a good quality and not wrinkled or crumpled. You should also check the stitching, which should not be frayed or loose, but firm and even.

Shopping online for Designer Handbags

Many designer bags are instantly recognized by their classic global logos, embellishments, chains, and characteristic shapes. Whilst shopping on Oxford Street in posh boutiques and shops guarantees the purchase of quality designer handbags, there are also reliable online UK web stores and marketplace sites.

When buying a designer bag online you need to take much more care than you would when you have the bag in front of you. First and foremost, you should ensure that the website you’re shopping on is legitimate, try Google searching the company name to do a bit of research. Large auction sites should be a no go for designer bags, as it is impossible to weigh up whether someone is true to their word. Additionally you should check the return policy of the website, so if doubts do arise, you can send the bag back.

The Convenience of Online Designer Handbag

Shop right from your couch for the best designer handbags at bargain prices and discounts and that do not exempt the quality consumers receive in the end product. Whilst you can shop online at specific designer online stores, you also have the option of websites that stock the same handbags, but on sale or at lower prices. Consumers can purchase genuine designer handbags at trustworthy and reliable e-stores which provide an authentic code and license number to indicate authentic products. Online stores are very popular amongst consumers who live in locations where shops and department stores are not readily available.

The Psychology of Designer Handbags

Celebrities have truly made designer handbags a powerful status symbol that defines any outfit that is being worn. Top brands' handbags can be carried to match your colour for the day and they complement the style of your wardrobe selections. Designer bags represent quality, durability and are investments because of how well they are manufactured, with the best in leather and rich fabrics. Top designers recognise the many uses and effects of a uniquely designed handbag for the corporate world. Business men and women enjoy the smart, efficient, and practical designer handbags that are roomy enough to hold an iPad tablet, smartphones, office paperwork files, yet remains lightweight and comfortable.

Having a luxury top brand handbag is an investing in timeless design and style, so buying it for cheap is even more satisfying.

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