A buyer’s guide to England shirts

It seems that with every release of newly designed England shirts for the latest World cup see price rises that are nothing short of extortionate. With even the prime minister, David Cameron, weighing in on the argument, it seems that popular opinion is in no doubt that England shirt purchases can be nothing short of bank breaking. So in this guide we tell you how you can seek out the cheapest England shirts and what you should be looking for to ensure you don’t fall victim to fraud.

Waiting a little while

Whilst this sounds like rather obvious advise, waiting a little while until the strip sees price reductions can save in excess of 15% on the original price. That said, there are many consumers who are too impatient to wait for this price drop. If this sounds like you then pay particular attention to the next point.

Using Google search

Using the shopping feature of Google search can help you compare England shirts side by side. Take note however that not all online retailers are featured within theses results (they are ‘sponsored’, meaning that only those who opt for Google advertising are featured). These results do however give you an idea of the lowest prices on offer.

Buying through online auctions

Buying through online auction websites can see you met some pretty big discounts on items that people no longer want, or have received as an unwanted present. You’ll have to be pretty patient to grab a bargain on the latest England shirt however as they’re pretty hot property right now. Additionally, you should ensure that the auction website (or the payment system, such as PayPal) offers insurance in case you receive a counterfeit item, or no item at all.

Consider buying strips from previous years

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and are still doing the shirts out of your price range then you should consider buying a strip from one the previous years. Many shops still stock the old strips and you can see reductions of over 50%.

Avoiding becoming a victim to fraud

Check a retailer's online reputation

Checking a retailer’s reputation is the first step to avoid becoming a victim to fraud. Using online consumer review websites will help you draw on past customer’s experiences.

Checking the quality of your item when it does arrive

When your shirt does arrive you should check the quality of the stitching, material and any labels found inside the clothing. With each release the official England shirt makers change the way they authenticate their products. Generally this is done through a label that features a complex hologram. Check the official website to check yours against theirs.

If you are collecting English football shirts, the most precious currently trading at the moment are: 

1. 1963-70 - red round-neck jersey, an iconic football shirt.

2. 2001-03 - vertical red stripe on a white jersey.

3. 2012 - white red jersey. 

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