Purchasing your first pair of Hunter wellington boots

The Hunter wellington boot; a style icon and a ‘must have’, especially if you are taking any part in the festival season. Averagely, internet searches for the ‘Hunter Wellington Boot’ rise by around 200% in the run up to Glastonbury. Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding & Stella McCartney (to name but a few) have big love for the Hunter. Along with celebrity wearers, how about a Jimmy Choo version? (yes really).

Jimmy who?

If the above names don’t figure on your radar, there is ever such a small chance that you may be slightly more mature. Just slightly.

So what about the Queen of the British styles?

Hunter also hold Royal Warrants of Appointment for Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

A little history;

The ‘North British Rubber Company’ has been around since September 1856, changing their name much later to ‘Hunter Boot Company’, they have gone on to become THE boot to have, offering a range of different styles in a whole rainbow of colours; these also include baby pink, silver & gold!


Hunter wellies come in different styles:

- Hunter Tall - this is the iconic style that most people would visualise when talking about Hunter boots. 

- Chelsea - they are shorter in height and are more suitable for longer walks than the tall ones.

- Play - very stylish and a shorter version of the tall boots, comfortable to wear in the country or the city.

- Refined - slim fit boots for even more style. 

- Balmoral - stylish solution for tougher terrains.

- Sherpa - insulated boots to keep your feet warm up to -5C

- Snow - designed for snow.

Be wary of fakes;

As with many luxury branded items, counterfeits are produced and put on sale through various outlets, which are quite often very poor quality and you should stay clear of them. There are no hard and fast rules, but the chances that ‘Billy from the car boot sale’ sells genuine articles would be very slim to non-existent. If you see them for sale in an unexpected location (Sunday markets and the like), then be wary and use your common sense; there are counterfeit surveillance units operating in many such locations, you could easily end up out of pocket and with no boots.

Where to purchase;

The Hunter website (hunter-boot.com) has the full range of styles, sizes and colours, all available for purchase through them but if you’re like us and too impatient or not be able to wait for a delivery, you can also find their approved list of stockists, meaning that you can try them on and walk out in your brand new pair of ‘Hunter’s’ all within an hour.

Value for money?

Whilst on the face of it, prices aren’t exactly what you could call cheap; starting at £45 and rising to £300, after all, they are essentially just to go out and get muddy in, but that money is buying you more than a pair of boots; they are style icons, worn by the great and the good and with a little care and attention, these boots will last a lifetime, and being such a classic, they will never go out of style.

That £300 could be money well spent, giving great value for money.

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