Deal Review: Nike Airmax – The undisputed trainer king

It’s a pretty well regarded fact that Nike are the king of the trainer industry; however few would argue that amongst their products the Airmax range remains the most popular. In fact, so popular have Air Max proven, that as of today, Nike currently sells over 200 different pairs! Amongst these there are: 85 for men, 38 for Women, 32 for children and 47 that can be customized in various ways, aptly called ‘Nike IDs’.

Both men and women buy Airmax trainers in their droves; from the more retro inspired lines to their urban range that are a must have for practically every teenager around the world; if there’s one thing Nike knows, it’s the trainer industry.

How Nike captured the trainer market

Today Nike are world renowned experts and innovators in the trainer industry. Amongst the many ways that they have become industry leaders is their deep involvement within the sporting industry. They sponsor the hottest teams in numerous sporting fields, such as basket ball, football and track sport and have tailored their products to make the most out of athlete’s skills. There is no greater a commendation than having an athlete wear your sporting products.

The history of the Airmax range

The innovation of an air bubble sole was completely new to the market when the Airmax trainer made its debut; launched in the late 70s they captured people’s interest immediately. The very first designs still see success today, as people love the retro vibe of Nike Classics.

Nike Airmax are not just good for working out, they are also perfect for hanging out, running whether indoors or outdoors. They are very lightweight which makes them a preferred choice in many sports. 

Nike Airmax for men

Airmaxs for men are the largest collection amongst the Airmax range; it’s not then surprising that these trainers come in a staggeringly large range of different range of styles. From the trendy black Airmaxs that have a splash of colour, to the trainers that are designed with a changing rainbow of colours.

Nike Airmax for women

The Nike Airmax range for women consist of a huge collection of brightly coloured fabrics, patterns, textures and various designs of the famous air cushion. Conversely however there are trainers that remain understated, with many coming in monochrome colours.

Nike ID range

The Nike ID range continues to grow in popularity, as wearers around the world want to inject some of their personality into their footwear. Amongst the various options are the ability to customize the tongue with a personalized message, a choice of two tone heel with an option of colours and a choice of inner lining for the runner that needs added padding for running.

Nike Air Max are the trainer of today, and they have been since their conception in 1970. Their unique design has captured imaginations the world over, and the expertise within their field is demonstrated by the fact that Nike products appear in sporting fields around the world.

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