Shopping for beautiful (and affordable) Prom Dresses

The Prom market in the UK has really taken off in the last few years and it seems not a summer goes by without media coverage on the increasing amounts that parents spend giving their daughters the perfect prom night. Of course one of the most expensive items to purchase for prom is the prom dress; however, whilst some spend hundreds of pounds on ‘the’ dress, savvier parents are finding prom dresses of the same quality at the fraction of the price. Here we’ve taken a look at some of the secrets behind these savvy parents’ bargain hunting and explain how you too can find a beautiful yet affordable prom dress.

Key considerations for the perfect prom dress


Due to the fitted shape of some dress over others it may be necessary to seek dress making services. This generally tends to apply to slim line, tailored dresses, as opposed to bodice dresses that feature large skirts.

It really pays not to scrimp on such services as a poor job can see your prom dress rendered, at worst, useless and at best can make the dress even less well fitted than it was previously.

Taking a little time

Undoubtedly your daughter will be excited to get her prom dress, however purchasing on impulse without visiting a few shops first can see a swift, post-purchase change of heart.

For this reason it pays to undertake a little research prior to going shopping so you have a good idea of the type of dress that you’re looking for. This also gives you time to track down retailers that stock such dresses at a more affordable price tag.

Ball gowns never go out of style so you can never go wrong with this choice if you decide that this is the style you or your daughter wants. 

Making a saving when shopping for prom dresses

Checking out bridal shops

Bridal shops stock dresses that can be from the same lines and dress designers as those found within Prom shops. The only difference between the two however is that bridal shops hold far more frequent sales and, if you’re shopping at the last minute, you won’t suffer the annual price hike just before prom season.

Employee discounts

Do any of your friends work in department stores? If so then you should ask whether they benefit from an employee discount. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for a job, then why not check out whether your local stores have a position available? Not only will you receive an employee discount but you’ll also have more spare money.

Renting the dress of her dreams

Sometimes funds are just too tight to afford anything that is close to resembling the perfect dress. In times such as these a potential solution may be found in the form of a prom hire shop. If this is met with objection then you should try explaining that the cost of the dress that you can now afford has probably increased fivefold and that she may even end up being the girl in the most expensive dress amongst the entire prom party.

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