Step into some Skechers

Skechers have generally been synonymous with trendy trainers and casual shoes; however today they cover all manner of shoe types. From leather boots and glittery pumps for ladies, and trainers and formal shoes for men. They also produce tens of shoe types for children; they’ve even broken into the Vegetarian shoe market, seeing unprecedented success. In this guide we look at the Skechers range, some of the most popular shoes and trainers as well as the rather unique Vegetarian collection.

Skechers – A little history

In their 21 years in business, Skechers have grown from a one man business into an international corporation with over 3000 employees and is widely regarded as a billion dollar industry leader.

The Skechers brand includes numerous trademark collections, including: Skechers Sport, Skechers Resistance, Skechers Memory Tone-ups, Active, Cali, Skechers Work and Skechers Kids.

The range of Skechers – All 100+ of them!

The women’s collection has really come into its own in the past few years. Skechers are now not only known world wide for their funky trainers, but are also respected boot and shoe makers. They’ve recently began to incorporate advanced memory foam technology, meaning women around the world can look stylish and be comfortable in their Skechers shoes.

Skechers Go-Walk are designed for everyone that spends a lot of time on their feet and great for walking around. They protect your feet and heels in the best possible way with a lot of cushioning and support. 

The Skechers' children range consists of over ten separate collections that each have their own cartoon character; amongst these fun ranges are a princess called ‘Twinkle Toes’, a space age alien named ZStrap and a sweet tom boy named Sporty Shorty. On a hole Skechers produce kid’s shoes that are offer a parent practicality and a child some food for their imagination.

For the man about town, their main industry designer is Mark Nason, who has his own Skechers line that consists of 31 shoes and boots.

This range is very much reminiscent of high fashion; it draws inspiration from the catwalk and has its own separate website that oozes understated sophistication. A few examples of Mark Nason’s shoes include: swede boots in natural colours which have a modern twist, leather loafers with a contrasting colour sole and traditional shoes with detailing on the toe and ankle section.

Skechers – The innovative employer

Skechers pride themselves on the recruitment of the most talented designers in the industry; they also welcome letters from their customers, be they compliments or fresh ideas. They’ve been known on more than one occasion to take up a customer design and put it into production.

Skechers are, in many ways, a typical multi national business; they have robust logistics, savvy marketers and a huge employee force. In other ways however they are very much a unique brand priding themselves on producing fresh ideas that incorporate cutting edge industry designers as well as their customer’s ideas. Today, their range is so extensive that you could easily lose yourself for hours on the Skechers website.

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