A Fashion expert’s guide to Tote Bags

Tote bags are pretty on trend right now and what’s even better about owning a Tote bag is that they are incredibly practical, which is a real bonus for those who may have been struggling for years with undersized handbags that could really hold no more than a purse and a makeup bag. This guide will tell you all about how you can choose the right Tote Bag for you, what Tote Bag styles are hot right now and how you can make a saving.

Finding your perfect Tote Bag

Types and styles of Tote Bags

You may be forgiven for thinking that buying a Tote bag is pretty straight forward process, however with every style, colour and fabric imaginable comes a seemingly never ending choice of bags. They range from glitzy tote bags that are finished with sequins to formal tote bags made from durable leather; therefore you must think carefully about the bags day to day usage before going ahead with your purchase.

You should also think about brands, as this can be the easiest indicator of how high a quality the tote bag is and how long it is likely to last.

Tote Bag Trends that are hot right now

A massive tread that has endured throughout the years is over sizing, this trend has been seen in items that range from coats and scarves to jewellery and hand bags. This is even better news for the person who has to carry many items with them as they can be both practical and fashionable!

Purchasing an oversized tote bag should however see you paying more attention to quality as it is likely that your bag will take more strain with the number of items it is to hold on a day to day basis.

Glitter tote bags are another way to show your personality as well as different slogans which can be printed on them.

So glitter, slogan, oversized - whatever matches your personality best is the best tote bag for you. Even all three! 

How to spot a fake designer Tote Bag

Spotting a counterfeit designer bag, whether it be a handbag, tote bag or clutch, can seem like a rather difficult task. The internet is littered with seemingly authentic looking websites that sell nothing but cheap products masquerading as high quality, designer items.

To this end you need to carefully choose where you purchase your items from. Purchasing from a website that is a complete unknown entity to you should see you researching the company and whether there are any negative reviews to be found online.

When you receive your item you should inspect it thoroughly, particular areas of interest should be the stitching, the feel of the material and the overall finish on the tote bag. If you suspect your item to be a forgery you should contact the company in question; if they refuse to allow for returns then you should contact trading standards, who deal with counterfeit products.

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