Pandora discount charms

Pandora bracelets have been a god-send for lazy shoppers with a loved one's birthday fast approaching. You simply buy a chain one year and then you're set for at least the next two or three, at which time you pop back in the store and pick up a couple of add-on charms.

It's simple, personal and classy - but one thing it definitely isn't is kind on your wallet. A basic Pandora charm will set you back around £20 or £30, and more elaborate designs can be double or triple that (that's without even getting into more precious metals).

Luckily, it is sometimes possible to get them on the cheap.

Make sure that you are buying real Pandora products and there are some markings that you should look out for when buying:

- ALE marking 

- Crown over the "o" in Pandora

- Hallmark


Look through any Pandora brochure and the chances are you'll come across a few product lines that have since been discontinued. The takeaway here is that there isn't always demand for every design they come up with - and that seems to result in a surplus of stock in some cases.

So they often have sales - and if they happen to pop up right around the time you're in the market for a present you can try your hand at getting something special half price. Charms are often available for as little as £10 during these times, with prices for other accessories like earrings also slashed.

Bookmark the official website - - so you can keep an eye on any seasonal sales that pop up (the new year is typically a good shout).

The snag is buying online often comes with either minimum order amounts or hefty delivery fees, with only the most expensive products shipped free of charge. If you were being really sneaky, though, you could always buy a bunch of charms at the same time to keep you going for a few years.

Discount codes is the UK's best website for punters looking for access to discounts at major high street stores. You just need to serch for the shop you're looking for and find a deal on the product you need - from there you either make a note of the discount code or follow the link directly from the host site.

One thing to bear in mind is that the most generous discounts tend to be gobbled up quickly by serial shoppers. There is, blessedly, a feature whereby you can sign up with an email address, and then get the latest offers sent to you directly as soon as they become available.

Currently, they are offering charms at £20 - but this is often the standard price in-store (where you also avoid delivery costs) so don't be reeled in by discounts of this kind - especially when there's sale stock options at much cheaper prices.

One last tip: avoid knock-offs

Yeah, it's tempting to cut corners and buy from a knock-off retailer, but the reality is it's very obvious when jewelry is badly made (particularly on the wrist, where it's so prone to being snagged and banged on tables and desks).

Bottom line: stick to the official website and make sure you keep a receipt of your purchase - that way there won't be any disappointed gift-receivers in your life.

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