Choosing Bay Windows

When thinking of a fancy facade for your house, it is essential that you consider making its highlights, protrusions or colour spots, look great indeed. Bay windows are among them. As an ostentatious item drawing the attention of passers-by, it is in need of special attention. What key bits of advice to follow when installing or replacing them?

Wood or uPVC

The choice of material for your frames will largely be predicated on your choice of materials elsewhere in the house, on your budget and environmental conditions. Your wooden entrance door and windows would hardly be a neat fit with bay window frames made of polyvinyl chloride unless you have found the perfect paint and shapes to approximate its looks inasmuch as possible with the rest of the exterior frames.

On the other hand, if your budget is tight, then you might cling to synthetic materials. They usually cost half as much as wood and are more impervious to cold and water.

How much glass

The decision whether to use single panes of glass, double or triple-glazed windows is also important. Ask yourself a couple of key questions before you take the final decision. First, would you be willing to open them in full by sliding or pivoting them away? If yes, then consider less glass panes. Are your bay windows overlooking a busy street? Then noise insulation would be achieved with double- or triple-glazed solutions. It is a public secret that air in between glass panes are an excellent insulator and can make your room a calm and relaxing haven.

What mechanism

Just like with all other windows, bay windows allow for the installation of pivot, spring balance-loaded, sliding window opening mechanisms which would help you open your windows sideways or up and down. Bay windows are usually made of several panes of glass so make sure that you decide how many of these panes would you need to equip with mechanisms. Their number will be dependent on utility (for cleaning and maintenance purposes).

Those who still like the Victorian bay window and intend to buy a new one should be prepared for the average cost of £1500. But the price will range and depend on the material, the dimensions and the number of panels. But the benefit of having bay window cannot be exactly estimated as there few advantages. The main one is that it will add value to your house, there will be some extra space in your room and you can have a nice seating area with a view.

With Sears Home Services, you can have standard and custom-fit windows alike. This company will first offer you to make an on-site appointment so that you have your needs analysed by a specialist. Allow an expert guide you all along the process and enjoy an excellent result.

At Anglian Home, you come to the domain of uPVC windows and discounts of up to 50%. This means that you can get a good solution at an affordable rate.

Bright Windows has a special section for owners of bay windows. Take a close look at what they say and show and decide whether this is the specialist that you need in earnest.

Everest offer 50% off selected windows. There are many styles and frames to choose from - uPVC, aluminium, timber, composite. Their newest offer is triple glazing which suggests even better insulation so energy efficiency is increased by 35% compared to double glazing.

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