Cheap International Calls for Your Landline, Mobile Phone and PC

The ever advancing rate of technology continues to improve communications around the world. Today, anyone with a digital device can talk to a person on the other side of the world instantly. However consumers remain extremely worried about how much international calls actually cost, and may refrain from calling international numbers in the fear of receiving a huge bill.

However an increasing trend is to use the internet to make international calls; for some years, well known live chat programs have provided video and voice calls completely free of charge. Additionally there are companies that use proprietary VoIP software; which we introduce you to, and guide you through now.

VoIP Software – what is and how it works

Such software is known to be compatible with all operating systems for mobile phones, tablets and computers. To use it, you need to download the software of your preferred call provider from the application stores of Apple or Android, depending on the phone, computer brand you own. Then you have to register on the website of your preferred provider and obtain either your dedicated phone number or a PIN.

As a rule, this service is prepaid and you need to charge your account. Once you do, you are ready for to start making calls. Different software will vary in the way it operates, but they all generally provide a ‘getting started’ help section, which should guide your through the process.

VoIP Rates

The rates of VoIP software has resolved the issue of expensive international calls; for those that are working abroad and calling home, or for people that simply have relatives working or living abroad, VoIP is the ultimate, cost effective solution.

Additionally, for those that are calling another using the same software, their calls will be free of charge; and where calls are charged, the rates can be as low as 1p and at the top end, up to 10p. These rates fluctuate due to the access costs of landline and mobile operators in different destination country. However this upper rate of 10p per minute is still significantly cheaper than international calls of even a few years back.

Sim cards for international calls

An additional option that you may wish to consider is an international sim card. These types of sim cards are offered by numerous providers, and the initial sim card is free of charge, you will however need to top up you card with credit before you can use it to make calls. Today, rates can be as low as 1p per minute, with no additional connection charges (which were frequently charged some years back).

International sim cards also avoid the common pitfalls that international call cards suffer from, such as expiry dates for your credit, having to call a directory prior to being connected and unreliable call quality. There are several applications for downloading that offers really low price per minute with no contract or hidden charges.

Living in a social media world almost everyone has internet connection and using the apps like Viber, Skype, WhatApp or Messenger is easy to get in touch with your family or friends wherever they are as long as they have connection or coverage.

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