Deal Review: Finding the right PVC door

Doors are the entrance to your home or office and their style puts in a lot to the outlook of the building as a whole and a new door will make all the difference. PVC doors are popular because they are very easy to keep clean and stubborn to weather conditions. The material is not the only reason that makes them preferable but also the variety of colours and styles they come in is a great advantage for buyers.

So, where do you start when you are looking for a new door?

PVC or uPVC doors?

The material used for PVC and uPVC doors is one and the same – Polyvynylchloride. The difference comes in the manufacturing – to create PVC the producers mix it with plasticising polymers which make the material more bendable. Whereas for uPVC (unplasticised), manufacturers skip this step and the material becomes quite rigid- as tough as cast iron. Both materials are easily modified which makes them perfect for doors.

Benefits of PVC doors

There are many benefits of PVC doors some of which we outlined in the first paragraph of this article. Here they are:

Easy maintenance – they are kept clean easier than any other type of doors such as wooden ones and also they are less prone to bugs than any other type of doors. PVC doors don’t require painting so just a good wipe will make the door look good for many years.

PVC doors do not decompose – they are very stubborn towards weather conditions. The chemical production makes them rigid and stronger than wooden doors.

Cheaper than wood – PVC doors are not just stronger than wooden doors but also cheaper so this makes them a great budget solution to many families and offices.

Widely recycled

Good isolation and temperature control – they will help you isolate your building better and keep warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Top Tips

1. Before even starting getting quotes, have a clear idea of what you want. Search online for ideas. Get brochures.

2. Once you have your first quotes, do not accept anyone's reputation for granted. A name you hear in an advert on TV is not a guarantee for quality.

3. Remeber to get several quotes.

4. Do not make a decision on the day. Take your time and think it through.

5. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

6. To make your PVC door more secure make sure that you choose a little more expensive barrel so it's not too easy for thieves to break the lock in and break into your home. 

Who provides PVC doors?

AnglianHome offer a wide range of doors, stylish combinations between PVC and double glazing so it’s worth taking a look at their website. They do price match so if within 7 days you find a lower price of a similar product they will match the price for you.

WindowsAndDoorsPrices compare providers for you so you will be able to choose an affordable quote from trusted companies. Just fill in the form and off you go. You can make massive savings mounting up to 75% of the price you could pay somewhere else.

Safestyle also offer a good range of doors with many different designs. They have an ongoing offer at the moment for buy one door get one free.

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