A buyer’s guide to uPVC Doors

People who have recently renovated their home will likely tell you that their cost estimates have been at least 1.5 times shy of real costs. This budget overshoot, they will likely add, has made them very cost-conscious in regard to further home improvements.

Front and interior doors usually fall in this category. Research and word-of-mouth refers them to uPVC doors as not only the cheaper but also a quality alternative to wooden doors. uPVC doors do however have plenty of other additional benefits, and in this guide we look at what they are, as well as how you can find a good deal when shopping for a uPVC door.

The benefits of uPVC doors

Safe and energy-efficient

A uPVC door is safe. Generally, its structure contains up to four independent locking mechanisms at different points, and are within the doors casing. Should you want to make your door even more secure, you can install anti-snap lock. To have this type of lock, it will cost you approximately £100 with the lock and installation. 

Additionally, uPVC doors are known for their outstanding insulation properties, making it an energy-efficient solution that can see your energy bills drastically reduced. This is because they are hollow, and the air that gets trapped inside works as natural insulation keeping heat in and cold out. The result is that your door can save you up to 30% of your energy costs, which is pretty significant given that the average annual bill for a home is £1000.


uPVC doors can also take any shape, colour and finish, because uPVC is a synthetic material, the sheer range of design options are enough for even the most unique of tastes. The very material allows that for it be moulded, painted and processed in a variety of ways.

This also means that those that want to design their own bespoke door can do so at a relatively acceptable cost. Bespoke doors are very often seen as a solution to those that have a period home, but find the current uPVC doors on the market as too modern. You may even wish to follow a traditional wooden design that is sympathetic to the building.

Moisture resistant

In addition, a uPVC door needs less maintenance and is moisture (warp) resistant. The very fact that it is impervious to water makes your exterior and varnish look like brand new even in the dampest location.

For those that have been used to wooden doors, that expand and stick each and every time there’s a downpour, opening your door without having to yank and pull can be welcome news.

How to find the best uPVC door deals

A uPVC door is primarily machine-moulded, hence, it requires less craftsmanship to build. This cuts the final cost per item and is a fraction of the price for a standard wooden door. While prices vary from one door provider to another, uPVC front doors can be found for as little as £395. uPVC doors vary greatly from this basic price; generally however doors any cheaper than £395 may be a sign that the door is substandard. In this instance, caution should be taken.

You may also find that particular times of the year see many providers offering their uPVC doors at lowered prices; such as at the beginning of the year.

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