Protect Yourself This Winter with Boiler Cover

If your boiler broke down this winter, how would you heat your home? Could you afford to pay for it to be repaired, even if it cost hundreds of pounds? Sadly, most boilers break down during the winter months when they are most needed, and when families are usually saving money for Christmas. By taking out boiler cover, you can ensure that you’re protected if your boiler breaks down unexpectedly, as repairs won’t cost you a penny!

Read our quick guide to boiler cover for the lowdown on this must-have product.

What is Boiler Cover?

There are various levels of boiler cover available and a wide range of providers. Most providers offer a few levels of cover, ranging from basic boiler cover which covers you for the boiler itself and its controls right through to the highest level of boiler cover, which covers your central heating system, plumbing and wiring. If you’re going to invest in boiler cover, it makes sense to take the best package you can afford, so the highest level of cover will protect you in the event of any issues whatsoever.

What’s on offer?

Most boiler cover providers will offer a 24/7 emergency call out service, 365 days a year, so even if your boiler breaks down at midnight on Christmas eve, an engineer will be with you. Some allow you to opt for annual maintenance checks, to make sure your boiler is working as it should, and this means that by ensuring your boiler is working properly, you could save money on your heating bills.

What does it cost?

Costs for boiler cover vary, but could start from as little as £3.50 a month depending on which provider you choose. By using an online comparison site such as USwitch or Money Supermarket, it is easy to compare the cover offered by each provider and see which is the best value for money. You’ll save yourself hundreds of pounds and a lot of worry by investing a few pounds a month in boiler cover for your home – if the worst happens then a quick call to your provider means an engineer will be with you quickly, and it won’t cost you a penny!

Compare several providers' prices and what is included in their plans. Cheaper plans offer fewer services and are there any additional charges. 

Act now

It’s best to make sure you have boiler cover in place for the winter, even though it might seem unnecessary when the sun is shining and the temperatures are starting to rise. By organising boiler cover now, by the time winter comes you will have nothing to worry about should you have any problems with your boiler or central heating system.

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