Buyer's Guide: Share the Love with Free Sims

Free sims are a great way to switch your mobile phone network and stay connected with friends and family for less. Many mobile networks have jumped on the free sim bandwagon and will allow you to order several free sims, so you can share them with those closest to you and benefit from discounted calls and texts.

Take a few moments to read our handy guide to free sims to see what they’re all about!

Who Provides Free Sims

Most of the mobile networks provide free sim cards which can be inserted into a pay as you go phone to switch networks. Some phones may need an unlock code if they’re bound to a specific network, and those with contract mobiles will definitely need to have their phone unlocked and ensure their contract has been cancelled before using a free sim card.

The Benefits of Free Sims

There are many benefits to ordering a free sim card. For those who don’t want to upgrade their phone and are quite happy with their current model, they can keep their existing handset whilst moving to a new network and a tariff which offers better value for money. Here are a few more reasons that free sims are great:

• For groups of friends or family members, or even those running a small business, ordering several free sim cards is the easy way to stay connected – often calls and texts to those on the same network are free or at a reduced rate

• Some networks, such as O2, offer a tariff where you pay £10 or £20 a month and receive included texts, minutes and data. This can work out at better value for money than traditional pay as you go, and even better, there’s no contract!

• Other networks offer free credit when you order one or more of their free sim cards and top up £10. Most of the networks offer a range of pay as you go plans which offer different incentives.

Why Choose a Free Sim?

The reasons for ordering a free sim card are simple. There’s no need to sign up for a lengthy contract, no need to hunt for a new handset and the whole process will cost you nothing – it’s quick and easy and you won’t even have to go into your local mobile phone store! You can order your free sims online, install them in your phone and then choose your tariff and bundles online or over the phone for a completely hassle free experience that will have you connected to your new network in no time at all.

Who offers free sims

There are many providers that will tempt you with free sims but you have to compare the plans that come with them in advance.

Three offer great rates - 3p/min, 2p/text and 1p/mb. They are known for their affordable prices so if you want to save up - order your free sim with them.

EE offer unlimited minutes and texts, 250 mb data for £13 per month on pay monthly. On prepay they have plans ranging from £10 to £30. For £10 you will get 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 8 GB data.

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