Deal Review for Pet Insurance Cover

Having a pet always comes with unpredictable vet's costs. Regular visits to the vet will not avoid any unexpected accidents requiring urgent surgeries or treatments. The best thing to do once the pet enters your home and reaches the minimum age for insurance is to choose a suitable policy.

Need To Know Bits

• Any pre-existing or hereditary conditions will not be covered by any pet insurance policy.

• In case of an accident or your pet gets lost or stolen, you must contact your insurers as soon as possible. Not doing so may invalidate your policy.

• Insure your pet from early days. Most insurance companies have a minimum age requirement -- usually starting from 6 weeks of age.

• Always read the small print of the policies you are taking up. This is important to avoid invalidation of your pet insurance.

• Keep you pet healthy - keep up to date with all vaccinations, give them vitamins if needed and keep their lair clean. 

Pet Insurance Policies Types

• Annual pet insurance policy -- Your pet and vet fees will be covered for 12 months from the start of your insurance. If a condition extends beyond the year you've had insurance for, you won't be able to claim for it. So if your pet develops a long term illness during this period -- such as diabetes -- your vet fees will be covered only for the 12 months your policy is valid for. This is a cheaper pet insurance option which will be ok for short term illnesses.

• Lifelong pet insurance policy - This insurance is renewed every year and any conditions that developed in the previous years will continue to be covered for the following periods. There is usually a maximum amount paid out each year or per certain condition so make sure you read the small print.

• Individual condition cover -- An annually renewed pet insurance cover which guarantees payouts for a certain condition with no time limits. There is a limit on the claimed amounts per year.

Your Pet's Age

We advise you to start your pet insurance policy from the earliest age possible -- usually around 6 -10 weeks of age. Insurance rates will be lower at this stage as well. When your pet reaches a certain age not only the rates will go up but also death and some conditions may be excluded from the policy. Read the small print and this will explain you everything. It is a common practice for over 9 years old dogs and 11 years old cats.

Pet Insurance Providers

You will find many providers online. It will be easier for you to compare quotes if you use one of the well known comparison websites such as GoCompare or MoneySuperMarket. You will get a better idea of what's included in the policy and how much it will really cost you.

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