A consumer’s guide to 4G sim cards

With the ever advancing rate of technology it can be difficult to keep up. The communication’s market is a rapidly changing industry and today consumers can look forward to benefitting from some of the fastest internet browsing in history. This guide introduces you to 4g sim cards and talks you through the process of choosing the 4g sim card that is right for your needs.

Finding the cheapest deal when choosing a 4g sim card

Shopping online

Shopping online for your 4g sim card will allow you to check comparison websites to view 4g deals side by side. This means that you can view how many free minutes, internet browsing data GB and added extras that are provided by each network (such as free weekly cinema tickets). Take care to choose the deal that’s most beneficial to you however, as opting for a deal that has unlimited data but not so plenty of minutes will see you run up a significant bill on phone calling. You may consider buying data only 4G sim card or pay as you go sim card if your monthly needs vary and the contract/especially for 24 months/ will make you overpay for what you do not use.

Considering bundled deals

Whilst you may be adamant that you want to opt for pay as you go, you should consider bundling services together if you use them in order to save money. If you already use a home phone, internet and/or premium TV then adding a 4g mobile contract may be far cheaper than purchasing it on its own. You can get half price for a packege deal with some providers. Just check if their service is available in your area and if the bundle is suitable for your needs.  

4g sim cards for your tablet

4g sim cards are increasingly being used in tablets. If you’re unsure as to whether your tablet is 4g compatible then check the manufacturer’s website.

Other factors to consider when choosing a 4g sim card

Area coverage

Before you go ahead and order your 4g sim card you’ll need to check that your area is covered by the provider. This is simply a process of visiting the network provider’s website, tapping in your postcode and viewing the results that are returned. This will just be a message as to how strong the reception is in your area.

Purchasing 4g sim versus handset and 4g sim card

Generally you’ll have three choices when it comes to phone deals: pay as you go, handset and sim card contract or sim card only contract. The choice between these and what will be most suitable to you very much depends on your needs. If you have no handset then you’ll either need to purchase one (which is inevitably a significant cost as 4g handsets are all ‘smart’) or take out a contract. If you decide to opt for a contract then be sure to check the comparison websites. Such contracts are generally all 24 months long and only few can be canceled anytime once you’ve entered into the legally binding agreement.

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