Deal Review: De-Clutter your Home with Self Storage

Self storage is a great option for anyone who needs a place to store belongings when relocating, or for those who like hoarding and can’t bear to throw anything away – provided you make monthly payments you can keep your belongings in self storage for as long as you like! Take a few minutes to read our guide to self storage to see if it’s the right option for you.

Finding Local Self Storage

You might be wondering, ‘How do I find self storage near me?’. The best place to start searching is Google. If you live in or near a major city, you should be able to find plenty of self storage companies, from larger firms such as Big Yellow Self Storage to smaller, family run local firms, which can often offer a better deal for your money.

The 3 Big Players

The Big Yellow self storage is one the trusted names on the self storage market. With 76 storage facilities across London and the UK, it is very likely that there is one near you. With them you can hire a room as small as a telephone box (suitable for up to 40 small boxes) to a larger space of over 675 square feet. All rooms are individually alarmed, CCTV-monitored and you are the only holder of the key to it. If you sign up today, you can get 50% off for up to 8 weeks of your contract. A selection of stores will refund the cost of hiring a van in order to help you with moving things.

Access Storage is another example of UK's leading storage providers. They have over 50 storage facilities across London and the UK offering units from the size of a locker to bulk storage space.

Shurgard is another good option if you are in need of a private storage solution. Their 22 stores in London and the Thames Valley can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They won't ask you for a long term commitment, there is no minimum stay. Unlike others, their prices can be found on their website and start from as low as £9 a week!

What Should Be My Criteria?

1. Location and access: it depends on how often do you plan to visit and whether you are going to store frequently used items or not.

2. Unit size: go for as small as possible. Obviously, this will save you money. You can, for example, dismantle and flat pack any furniture you're planning to store to save space. Some self storage providers, such as Big Yellow self storage, have developed an iPhone app to help you work out the unit size you need.

3. Packing: avoid overpriced boxes and packing materials.

What Can I Store?

Once you’ve found your local self storage company, you can choose the size of unit you require – prices vary but start from just a few pounds a month for a small unit that will hold a few boxes. You can store anything you like, from clothes and shoes to electrical items and computing equipment, but just remember to insure your belongings. Whilst most larger storage companies will offer you insurance, it can often work out more expensive to take advantage of their cover, and it’s easy to find insurance specifically designed for self storage units by searching online. Of course, if you’re after a quick and convenient option, taking the insurance offered by the self storage company is your best bet.

Accessing my Storage Unit

Whether you’re renting a self storage unit for business or personal purposes, most larger companies will allow you to access your belongings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You’ll be provided with an access key or card to your unit, so you can come and go as you please, whenever you need access to your belongings. This is convenient if you work shifts or have stored items which you might need at short notice, such as clothing or computer equipment.

Typing ‘self storage near me’ into Google on your computer or your smartphone will use local search to bring up a list of the closest available options – it’s best to ring round a few or visit their websites for a quotation, as prices vary from company to company. By shopping around, you can ensure you get the best deal for your money.

The average rental price per square foot per year for self storage is £23.11. Depending on your needs from space and time limit you can get a similiar price or even a better one. 

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