Buyer’s Guide: How To Create Your Business Cards Online

Let’s face it: business cards are your face before the people your business leans upon. And the good news is that presently the choice in terms of business cards’ graphic design, printing services and pricing is more than ample. Modern-day printing technologies can convey the nuances of your personality and type of business in millions of ways. Your paper can take dozens of shapes, colours, textures, coating and finish. The font and stationery are wide open to variation.

Yet where opportunity lies is right where you can flop. It is vital that you sift through the millions of options down to the right selection for you.

Remember To Be Clear What You Do!

Are you extravagant or conservative? Is your clientele young or, rather, elderly? Is it in the hundreds or hundreds of thousands? Is your product or service just hitting the market or you have the cash cow which sees sweet steady cash flow trickling into your accounts? By asking yourself these questions, you will end up matching your answers against their counterpart in terms of business card design, paper, numbers and much more.

Bespoke vs. Templates

Question time will also help you decide whether you can save some money with a ready-made solution or you must bring your top-notch client to awe with a fancy look-and-feel. If you are in a hurry or in a cost-cutting period, then template-based business cards are the ones for you. You can quickly identify a suitable background, font style and arrangement out of the samples on offer, pay and then quickly return to your core job. If, however, your client is artsy and pretentious, then he/she will just as quickly sniff the mass product and will shift to someone meeting better his/her high standards.

Keep It Simple

Yet no matter how pretentious the client can be, keep simplicity as your guiding light, if for the mere reason that in 99% of the cases clutter is evocative of chaos and a poorly done job. As a rule, the face of your business card can only take a logo, your name, position, and contact details while the back is where you can afford a stand-alone graphic object.

Be Unique

Yet rules are there to be broken if you wish to stand out and face your competition down. An unforgettable combination between background, cardboard, font style, stationery, all done in uniform style, will earn you due credit.

Find Business Card Printing Services

You can print business cards in a variety of ways, both with online and offline providers. On top of the online leaders’ board are, and

With VistaPrint you can get incredible value-for-money deals such as their 250 Premium business cards for as low as £10.93. You can either upload a ready-made logo or they can create one for you. You can choose the shape, thetype of finish and paper as there are two options for natural and textured uncoated finish. And all that can happen online without leaving the comfort of your home!

If you want to create those funky business cards that no one would even forget, go to You can create your own design or browse moo designs, then personalise with your details and choose your paper stock. Once done, moo will print, hand-pack and deliver your business cards direct to your door for as low as £10.99 per 50 cards!

The business card presents your company or business and the first impressions count, so be wise and choose the appropriate design for you.

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