Feel like you’re on cloud 9 with the new iPad Air

If you’re considering buying a new tablet, then the iPad Air might be hovering somewhere on your radar. Apple’s newest addition to their range, this premium build, lightweight successor to the iPad Mini might be a pricy choice, but is it one that’s worth the extra expense? Why not take a few minutes to read our handy guide to the iPad Air to see if it’s the right choice for you!

Sleek design

The sleek, stylish iPad Air is 43% thinner and 28% lighter than previous iPads, although in terms of design it has much in common with its predecessor, the iPad Mini. Because it’s lighter, one-handed operation is that much easier, and its smooth aluminium back makes the iPad Air a delight to hold. With a whole host of battery saving functions to extend battery life, this could be the perfect tablet for anyone fed up of having to constantly charge their iPad Mini!

Powerful processor

With the next-gen A7 chip with 64 bit processing, this tablet is amongst the most powerful available on the market, and with iOS 12, it handles multi-tasking with ease. Apple have included a whole range of free software and apps, so things which previously cost money, such as Garageband and iMovie are available for free. Bear in mind that if you’re looking to take advantage of all the freebies on offer, the 16GB model won’t get you very far – a 32GB or 64GB model would be far more suitable.

The screen is a good size of 10.9" and it makes it a great choice at a price of £579 which is the average at the moment on the market. 

Important Bits

Of course, the iPad Air does have its negative points – compared to the iPad Mini, it feels very similar, so may not seem like much of a step up for those who already have a Mini. The lack of TouchID has baffled many people, and it’s not clear why Apple haven’t included this on their new tablet. With that said, the iPad Air packs a powerful punch thanks to its processor, and the sleek design of iOS 12 makes it a breeze to use. Offering around 3 days’ usage on standby, you’ll get around 9-10 hours of battery life when using it for general browsing, watching video or listening to music on Wi-Fi.

If you’re considering buying a new tablet, you probably won’t find one that suits your needs better than the iPad Air. Samsung have recently released their rival tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7, but really there is no competition when it comes to this sleek little gadget – it all depends whether you’re a fan of Apple or Android operating systems really. The iPad Air may be at the more expensive end of the tablet market, but only you can decide whether it’s worth it!

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