Deal Review: Tips To Get The Best Laser Eye Surgery Deal

There are many reasons why people consider laser eye surgery, and the number of people undergoing this procedure increases year on year. In this guide we look at some of the benefits of undergoing laser eye surgery, and the differences between the varying procedures available on the market.

The benefits of laser eye surgery

The following situations may be where people look towards laser eye surgery as an option:

• People who play contact sports, or who workout regularly,

• People who no longer wish to pay for expensive glasses or contact lenses,

• People who want to be free of the inconvenience of maintaining yearly eye appointments.

Suitability check

Brochures and information available online say that laser eye surgery heals almost all main conditions, namely short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. However, there are specific requirements you must meet to ensure your suitability for the procedure and this means you must undergo in-depth testing and screening of your eyes with an optometrist.

Although 22 million people worldwide have already undergone this surgery, and the related risk is deemed to be low; each person's eyes are unique and, therefore, need an individual approach. A professional will be able to advise you as to whether surgery is right for you, and if so, what type of procedure would be the most effective. The full picture will also help the ocular specialist refer you to the right procedure for you: LASIK or LASEK.

The difference between LASIK or LASEK procedures

Eye correction is achieved through either LASIK or LASEK surgery, using a device known as an excimer laser which is used to reshape the eye as is appropriate.

LASIK surgery

During LASIK surgery, a corneal flap is created by the laser slitting the thin layer on top of your eye.

LASEK surgery

During LASEK surgery the outer layer of the cornea is removed at the beginning of the surgery through the use of a dilute alcohol solution.

Recovering from surgery is faster in LASIK than LASEK; however the suitability of the surgical procedure is dictated by medical professionals, and is based upon your unique circumstances.

There is another third option for eye surgery which is not as popular as LASIK and LASEK. This procedure is known as SMILE. The surgeon repairs the cornea through a small hole. The hole itself is quite small and self-healing so no need of any other intervention than the laser when it's being done. 

Pay in full or in instalments

Almost all clinics have adopted flexible payment plans that would suit any patient's budget. You can pay for surgery in a lump sum or in fixed instalments. You have to also prepare to deposit a certain amount in advance as a security.

As a complimentary gift, some clinics offer an interest-free period which reaches 24 months, aftercare for a certain period of time or lifetime aftercare. The cost also depends on the type of treatment and on the number of eyes you will subject to treatment.

Where to look for it?

The laser eye surgery market has become somewhat of a crowded one as companies look to establish themselves in this rapidly growing market. As such, research is key if you are to find a reputable company that will provide a high quality procedure and thorough after care.

Consumer opinions are more accessible today than ever, and so by searching the internet for reviews, you can gain an insight into how an eye surgery company approaches procedures and customer services.

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