Newcastle Airport Parking

The last thing you will want to be worrying about when you're sipping a cocktail on the Costa del Sol is whether your car is safe from the designs of thieves and scrupulous traffic wardens. That's why we've put together this handy guide for anyone flying out from Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle Airport offers several parking services tailored to suit the length of your trip and your personal mobility. Below is a brief summary of what to expect for each, together with important information pertaining to pricing.

Short Stay Parking

• Though there is no mandated time restrictions for a "Short Stay", it is recommended for no longer than an "extended weekend" - or, put differently, three or four days.

• The appointed Short Stay park is situated almost directly outside the terminal, making it ideal for people with mobility issues (or else just a lot of cargo to lug around).

• A parking space here will cost you £30 per 24 hours. If you are travelling within the UK and expect to return on the same day, you can also book 4 hours at a time for a cost of £19.

Medium Stay Parking

• As above, there is no minimum or maximum time prescribed for a Medium Stay Space, although generally this is defined as a few days to a week.

• The Medium Stay bay is described as being a "short walk" from the terminals - so may cause issues for elderly passengers, or those with mobility issues.

• Prices are a bit lower at a day costing £27 and 4 hours available at £18.

Long Stay Parking

• Those heading off for a two-week getaway are best advised to go for the Long Stay Parking service, as rates here get cheaper the longer you require a space.

• The downside, however, is that the Long Stay bay - a vast space equal to the other two parks put together - is situated a long walk outside of the terminals. There is a coach service that runs 24 hours, but as best practice you should give yourself a bit of extra time when you set off on the day of your flight.

• Two days here costs you £43 - which is lower than the £60 it costs in the Short and Medium Stay bays. A week is £99, whilst two weeks is £183.

• The maximum number of days you can book as part of a "package" deal is 15; thereafter, each day will be charged individually at a rate of £12.

Fast Track Parking

• Fast Track Parking is designed for busy customers who need to be able to leave the airport in a swift, hassle-free fashion when they return from their flight.

• This service purports to keep cars in a safer, more secure environment - so is ideal for people leaving valuables behind.

• The bay is situated directly outside the terminal, meaning you will be free to make a quick escape before everyone else gets to their car.

• One day here costs £35, with each day thereafter costing the standard £32.

Meet & Greet Parking

• The ultimate in easy, convenient parking, the premium-rate Meet and Greet service allows you to hand your keys over to a member of the airport staff, who then park the vehicle up while you breeze through security.

• Anything up to three days here costs you £44.99, with one week available at £51.99.

Picking someone up?

• If you are just dropping by the airport to pick up a loved one, you are permitted to stop free of charge for up to 15 minutes in the Short Stay 2 Car Park.

• In the Short Stay Park, 15 minutes is charged at £2.60.

• Anything longer than 15 minutes, in either car park, carries an additional fee; 30 mins is £3.60, and one hour is £5.90. Our advice: try and avoid surprise pick-ups, and make sure you coordinate flight arrival with your loved one!

*Note that all of the above prices are based on a "turn up and park" rate. If you book in advance, either by visiting the website - or dialling the appointed number, 0191 214 4341, you may be entitled to a small discount.

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