Do we gather personal information?

Your personal information is exactly that, personal. We are not interested who you are and what you do during your private time. The only information we are interested in is about what you do on our site or what is of interest to you on our website. Some of the things we gather are which pages you like visiting when you are on our website and how much time you spend on these particular pages. We also look at the other pages you tend to visit when you are on our website for us to get a clearer picture of what is of interest to you.

We do not single you out but rather gather that information and compile data to help come up with statistical analysis. We combine this with all the activities of our other website users to help us come up with a pattern or trend. This makes it easier for us to establish which areas are of particular interest to most users. We also take into account the reviews that are given by the users. The feedback is used to help us identify the areas which we need to improve as far as the site is involved.

How is the information gathered?

This is done indirectly through the use of website technology that we have developed for the purpose of tracking the activities that take place on the server.

Using our contact form

The personal data requested when filling out our contact form - name and email is not stored on any of our servers and will not be distributed to any 3rd parties. We will only use your email address to respond back to you.

Third Party websites

We also handle advertising for some other companies so there are some links that direct you to their websites from our websites. We are not in a position to dictate the privacy policy and practices they have on their websites. We try and ensure that all the companies that we associate with are reputable so you need not worry about them. We use Crazy Egg to gather information on the interaction between our website and visitors. This is done solely in the direction to improve our services and your experience. No personal information, identifying or behavioural data is collected by Crazy Egg.

Cookies from third party advertisers

We write many articles for our website but we also go the extra mile to get different ideas from other experts who make a contribution in some areas. We are able to cater for this through the funds we get via advertisements. There are many advertisements on our websites which are powered by third party companies. They also get to generate their own cookies which will be used to support these adverts as well as help in controlling the number of people who are able to view the adverts. They also do not use this information to help and see the trends that people follow when they visit their websites. They do not gather any personal information and they just stick to information which shows them how well their advertisements are performing on all the websites they have been posted on.


Cookies are basically data files which are placed in the computer hard drive. They are temporary and designed to comply with the data protection act. They usually have an expiry which lasts from a a few hours to a couple of days.

Updating our privacy policy

We have a privacy policy that is dated June 2013 and we reserve the right to make amendments to the policy at any time. You should always try to make regular checks to see if there are any changes that have been made to the policy.